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GVTTC Tournaments

GVTTC runs different tournament types which include USATT sanctioned, open tournaments, and age based tournaments. Each tournament typically consists of many event types like single or doubles, round robin, single elimination, handicap, rated, unrated, and many more.  Choose the tournament that best fits you.


USATT sanctioned tournaments require a USATT membership and valid USATT rating.  First time players in a USATT sanctioned tournament may not advance out of their draws unless it's an Open event.

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  • 1 entry per time slot

  • Prizes only pay out at 70% event capacity

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  • 1 entry per time slot

  • Prizes only pay out at 70% event capacity

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Tourney Results
May 2021 (Final Ratings Coming Soon)
Open:  Champion Koen Kron     Runner-Up Dustin Zemaitis
U1200:  Champion Alex Mihill     Runner-Up Mike Brown
U1000:  Champion Chris Benatos    Runner-Up Vaibhav Misra
April 2021
Open:  Champion Andre Maronian.     Runner-Up Ricardo Class
O1200:  Champion Dominick Sanzotta Jr.     Runner-Up Dustin Zemaitis
U1200:  Champion Scott Swertfeger     Runner-Up Alex Milhill
U1000:  Champion Zaviour Johnson     Runner-Up Dave Colt
U700:  Champion Larry Simonelli     Runner-Up David Johnson
Doubles:  Champion Dustin Zemaitis & Dominck Sanzotta Jr.