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Classic League

This league represents the top 36 players in Rochester.  A tryout is required to make this league at the beginning of the season.  Each season the bottom 8 to 10 finishers must compete against others that are attempting to make the league.  The format of the season alternates weekly between team play and ladder play.

GVTTC submits weekly results to Rating Central for real time ranking results.  The higher the number the stronger the player.

Current Season

League Director:  Marc Maronian

Rating Central

Classic Signup

NOTE: Must be a GVTTC VIP Member or Active Monthly Member throughout league duration. League Substitutes must at least have a Daily Membership Pass to play ----->

Join 2023-24
Classic League

Starts TBD

NEW RULE: Any League Member that plays less than 80% of their scheduled league matches is subject to denial of future league registrations at GVTTC discretion.

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