The Genesee Valley Table Tennis Club of Rochester, New York plays at the Rochester Sports Garden in an excellent facility with great playing conditions: Tournament quality Joola and Butterfly tables, high ceilings, an ample well-lit parking lot and wonderful Pulastic flooring. The history of the club dates to the 1930's, and it has produced, and is continuing to produce, many fine players who have competed successfully nationally and internationally. More historical details are available by clicking the history button below.

Table tennis is an enjoyable and demanding Olympic sport suitable for all ages and our members range from ages 8 to 85. It is one of the quickest sports in existence and one of the most demanding mentally. Come see why table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world.

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Table Tennis Organizations

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)
The ITTF is the controlling and governing authority for table tennis throughout the world. It establishes the rules according to which the sport is played around the world, and legislates the equipment which can be used in ITTF and its member national bodies' sanctioned tournaments. Along with its legislative and developmental functions the ITTF publishes freely accessible videos of ITTF sanctioned professional tournaments featuring the world's top players on its website.
USA Table Tennis(USATT)
The organizing body for table tennis in the US, the USATT sanctions recreational, youth and national tournaments. It provides a rating system for recreational and tournament players in the US, trains tournament officials and provides accreditation for coaches. It also publishes a quarterly magazine which is now available online.
National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA)
The NCTTA is a North American league of collegiate table tennis teams and is active in promoting a grass-roots movement to introduce new comers and recreational players to the sport of table tennis. The NCTTA scholarship program provides a $1000 college scholarship to table tennis athletes entering college. The NCTTA championships is a yearly event featuring some of the best young table tennis players in the USA and Canada. The top collegiate table tennis rivalries match those in the upper echelons of the well-funded NCAA.

Table Tennis for the Aspiring Young Athlete

The Olympic Sport of Table Tennis is among the top sports in the world in participation. The sport is particularly well suited to the needs of the very young and developing players in cities and towns. The light weight of the equipment and the relative lack of demand for large spaces, makes it a great first sport for kids. As young players develop, they remain engaged with the sport as they begin to appreciate the nuances of spin, speed and graceful and quick movement required at high levels.

Rigorous athletic training is a necessity to participate in competitive table tennis. At the pinnacle of the sport rapid side to side movement, quick anticipation and reflexive training of complex strokes is a hallmark of the top national table tennis programs in the world.

In the United States, Table Tennis is an increasingly popular sport. US juniors, and junior programs are highly regarded in international competition. There are many excellent Table Tennis Coaching Centers in the United States which train high-level athletes and are relatively easy to gain access to. In NYC, Table Tennis is the newest varsity level sport in High School competition, and the rising popularity of Table Tennis in bigger cities in the US is increasingly evident in the star power of participants and promoters of the sport.

Table Tennis for Individuals with Disabilities

ITTF Para Table Tennis (IPTTC)
The ITTF Para Table Tennis Commission classifies Para Table Tennis Athletes into disability classes for national and international tournaments. Participation in Para Table Tennis around the world is high and rising and features some exciting and incredible athletes. The United States is a major force in international Para Table Tennis Competitions and Michael Brown from the GVTTC is a top national and international para athlete.
Michael Brown
Mike is GVTTC's own international level para athlete and can be seen practicing at the club on most open play days. He is ranked among the top players in his disability class nationally and internationally and is currently working on qualifying for the US Para National Team. More info about Mike can be found on this page which serves as a fund raiser for his travels around the world to compete in international table tennis tournaments. Mike is popular in the club as a great league competitor, who has won repeated GVTTC awards at our year end banquet and has been featured in local news.

Mike Brown's page

The Benefits of Table Tennis for Seniors

Table Tennis is an engaging social activity. The close proximity of the opponents enables a board-game like aspect of mental engagement with the opponent. It is enjoyable even without the need for high-functioning physical ability, and the sport can be slowed down, but still kept competitive almost to the highest level with the use of pimples out and anti-spin rubber. These attributes make it one of the most popular sports among seniors, and competition at a high level is available at all ages.

A PBS documentary titled: "Ping Pong" illuminates some of the benefits and attractions of competitive table tennis for seniors. It follows a group of eight seniors from four continents who compete in the World over 80s Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia.

Our club members are heavily represented in the New York State Senior Games and take away the lions share of the awards. In addition the Hunstman World Senior games are well attended by our members.


How can I join and play ping pong with you guys?
You can join by clicking the join button on this page, or the homepage. We have several leagues available, as well as open play (practice) on Saturdays
What equipment will I need?
There are paddles and balls that can be borrowed but you are encouraged to bring your own. Check out Joolausa.com if you are interested in stepping up your game. Athletic shoes are a must and athletic apparel is encouraged.
How good ARE you guys? Am I going to be blown out the second I get there?
We have players of all levels, so don't worry! You will probably notice the variation of skill as soon as you arrive and it shouldn't be too hard to pick out who the right competition is.
Whats the difference between ping pong and table tennis?
Call it whatever you want! At GVTTC, we play by the official table tennis rules. You can find these rules on USATT.org or ITTF.com.