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Senior Doubles League

This league is a first come first serve league with a max total that is determined season by season.  Partners are established at the beginning of each season and compete together for the entirety of the league season.

Senior Doubles League (Over 60)

This league runs twice a week for two months.  
Wednesdays at 3:30pm and Sundays at 12:00 pm.

Current Season

League Director:  Paul Nielson

Senior Doubles Signup

NOTE: At this time, this league does NOT require you to be a GVTTC member but there is a savings for GVTTC members.
League Substitutes must at least have a Daily Membership Pass to play --->


Senior Over 60
Doubles League

8 weeks
Aug 7 - Sept
 29, 2024

League will run with a minimum of 4 teams and 
maximum 20 teams.  Being that this is a new league GVTTC will refund if a league doesn't have minimum quantities met.

GVTTC is running this league with special introductory rules and prices. This league allows registrants that are not current GVTTC members to compete by paying a non-member league fee.  This fee is also heavily discounted as a special introductory price.

GVTTC Member Price: $20 (Normally $50)
NON-Member Price: $50 (Normally $120) 


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