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Open Play

Open Play are times any GVTTC Active Member may show up and jump on a table to play as much as they like per the "Play Rules" at the Rochester Sports Garden.  If there is an active league or tournament on any given day, open play is cancelled.  Use the league & tournament schedules for open play availability.

7 Days a week!

3:30pm - 10pm

** Check league schedule for availability

** Check league schedule for availability


We welcome new players to our club. We offer multiple membership plans to participate in Open Play. 

Open Play Membership
1 Day Pass

Unlimited Play for 1 Day
NOT eligible for Leagues unless substituting

Monthly Membership

Unlimited Play for Calendar Month
Eligible for Leagues

VIP Yearly

Unlimited Play for 1 Year + Benefits
Eligible for Leagues

Open Play Rules
Open Play Rules
During Open Play GVTTC adjusts our order of play rules based on how many players are waiting to play.  Typically, we start with a "Call Winners" format on each table where winner stays on until they lose.  When we find more than one person waiting to play on each table we move to Open Play List. 

Open Play List Format

When does the list start?  When any member determines there are enough people waiting (typically when all tables have a winner called plus more waiting) on the sideline they shall announce we’re starting a list and then WALLA …. List starts!


Table 1:  King Of The Hill - This table is a winner stays on table and will be managed by the players on the table

Tables 2-4:  List A - Controls matches for these tables

Tables 5-8:  List B - Controls matches for these tables

***COACHING*** Tables 5 and/or 6 are prioritized for coaching when there is a scheduled lesson

*** JUNIORS *** Table 5 is reserved for our young Juniors (non-classic leaguers) if there are at least 3 that show up


Note:  List A and List B are separate lists and don’t overlap.  All matches are best of 5 to keep the flow going.  Typically List B tends to be more for beginners but anyone can go anywhere.



- It is NOT a winner stays on (exception is Table 1)

- When list starts, players remain on the table for 2 matches regardless of result.  Existing matches when list starts may either choose winner stays on after that match or agree to something else for that instance.

- Win or Lose, player remains on the table for 2 matches

- When player is done with 2 matches, they write their name on the list again and wait for their next match

- Player may NOT be on 2 lists at the same time

- Player may NOT be on a table playing and claim to be waiting for any list or table.  If you play, you forfeit your spot on a list.

- A player must commit to one of the 3 table styles and only 1 at a time

- A player will not manipulate the list to ensure they play particular players unless agreed upon by the other list player.  The list determines play.


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