Ahmet Okutan - Club Coach


Player Accomplishments:

Highest Rating - 1880

Playing Style: Right Handed / Offensive

Equipment:  Blade - Viscaria          Rubber - FH Tenergy 05 Hard / BH Dignics 05


Private Lessons with Ahmet Okutan - Private Lessons is 1 on 1 training that includes detailed explanation and demonstration of the game of table tennis such as: stroke mechanics, footwork, serves, serve return, game tactics and more.

  • Rate = $30/hour

Sparring Partner with Ahmet Okutan - A Sparring Partner is a human robot and the practice partner that you have always wanted. It is a 1 on 1 practice session that includes various drills that either the student or sparring partner choose to focus on. The student may receive some friendly tips/pointers along the way.

  • Rate = $20/hour