2013 Jr. Fundraiser Results

Before I take off for the Nationals in Las Vegas tomorrow morning, I wanted to thank everybody for their generous participation and donations! Looks like we are over $800 in the profit ledger. The only costs for this tourney were $40 for trophy nameplates. A couple people said they would also donate but didn't have any cash on hand today. So it's all good and we should end up at $830!

We had 58 participants (27 in the AM, 31 in the PM; I was packing them in - LOL!). In most of our round robins we couldn't finish because we had a hard stop time (noon and 3 PM). But everybody had a great attitude and fighting spirit. Saw tons of good play, all over our 8 courts. We had 7 out of towners signed up - two couldn't make it from Binghamton because of weather. As I said before, we had 16 juniors! Woot woot! That means we will have some good junior events for our upcoming Rochester tourney on Feb 27/28 and March 1. This will be sooner than you think so please plan for it!

Here are your winners for the tournament:

AM Round Robins

Open Singles - Brad Gelb / Des Preston / Aydin Aykanat

A Singles - Berl Stein / Horace Byfield / Dan Emord

B Singles - Sean Gelb / Cesar Palacio / Kalina Kron

C Singles - Jason Zou / Zack W. / Doug Kleinhammer

Note: Terry Black was much too strong for "B" Singles and generously backed out after vanquishing his foes so others could win some trophies! Thanks Terry! Brad and Jason were undefeated today. 

PM Round Robins

A Singles - Bernardo Fogel / Ray Nagel / Ankit Shah

B Singles - Dave Lawrence / Swapan Shah / Burair Kothari

Jr. Singles - Koen Kron / Kort Kron / Ishaq Kothari

Hardbat Singles - Ray Mack / Craig Bensch / Guy McLean

Note: Bernardo is an RIT student from Brasil, only here for one year, but I estimate his game at 2100! Ankit Shah is a graduate student at RIT, and plays in our classic league. Dave Lawrence came all the way from Binghamton, fashioning a 6-0 record to take all comers. Koen, Bernardo and Ray were undefeated today.

We had a couple avid photographers taking pictures all day, and some of those shots look great! We'll be sure to get some of them up on our website pronto.

Again, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting and donating to the tournament! We have a super club!!


Ray -

Link to photos will be up soon!